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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Made up of synthetic deoxycholic acid, KYBELLA® is identical to the deoxycholic acid produced naturally by your body that works to absorb fat. Because of this, when injected into your submental fat cells, KYBELLA® melts them efficiently and safely by breaking down and absorbing dietary fat. Once they are destroyed, those troublesome cells are no longer able to store fat.

The amount of injections needed per visit will vary from guest to guest, but most will probably need roughly 15 to 20 each visit, which should take roughly 15-30 minutes total.

How many treatments do I need?

Although it varies from person to person, 2 to 4 treatments are recommended for best results. After achieving your aesthetic goal, retreatment will not be needed. Be sure to maximize your results through a healthy lifestyle grounded in exercise and proper diet.

How often should I book a treatment?

Each session must be at least 1 month apart, with each guest receiving no more than 6 total treatments.

What is KYBELLA®?

A new prescription medicine, KYBELLA® works in adults to improve contouring in the face and your overall profile by reducing fat below the chin, thus destroying the dreaded “double chin.”

Does the treatment hurt?

For most guests, discomfort is minimal, caused solely by a slight pinprick from the small needle used to inject KYBELLA® into the chin area. However, comfort levels vary from person to person.

Will I notice the difference right away?

Although results cannot be seen immediately, they appear slowly and steadily. Typically the fat cells are fully removed within 6 to 12 weeks after treatment begins, as the fat cells are continually removed.

Will KYBELLA® tighten the skin around my chin?

KYBELLA® will work best to achieve your goals of eliminating that stubborn double chin, rather than improving overall skin tightness.

Is it safe?

The FDA deemed KYBELLA® a safe and effective treatment to eliminate submental fat after thorough clinical trials with subjects who experienced moderate to severe double chins.

Are there side effects? 

In some guests, KYBELLA® could cause bruising, pain, redness, numbness, swelling, and/or hard areas at the injection site.

Where can I receive my treatment?

You can receive KYBELLA® through a procedure at any one of our locations in Fresno, Visalia, and San Luis Obispo.

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