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Massages, Body Wraps and Scrubs

Massage Therapy

Signature Massage

With our Signature Massage, your tension will melt away as we enhance your flexibility and circulation through our special technique that gently stimulates your muscles.
60 Minutes of Rejuvenation  $65
90 Minutes of Rejuvenation  $95

Deep Tissue Massage

In our Deep Tissue Massage, you will feel compression strokes focused on chronic tension and muscle constriction. Our massage therapist’s technique will facilitate deep relaxation as your muscles release.
60 Minutes of Relaxation  $75
80 Minutes of Relaxation  $105

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stones have been proven to encourage loosening of the muscles, leading to deep relaxation. Let your tension melt away with our Hot Stone Massage.
50 Minutes of heat therapy  $110

Express Massage

Most people today suffer from severe back, neck, and shoulder tension. Let us solve this problem for you as we focus on these troublesome areas in our Express Massage.
30 Minute Relief  $45

Pregnancy Massage

Being pregnant causes a whole new host of tension and aches within your muscles. In this customized massage, you’ll experience relaxation that benefits both yourself and your baby. Our Pregnancy Massage will help alleviate aches, joint pain, and swelling.
60 Minutes of Escape  $70

Moroccan Oil Scalp Treatment

Our lightweight, antioxidant-rich argan oil helps repair your scalp by solving imbalances and relieving irritation, all while revitalizing your hair. After our Moroccan Oil Scalp Treatment, all of your scalp irritation and dryness will be instantly relieved.
20 Minutes of Vitality  $30

Body Wraps and Body Scrubs

Green Coffee Cellulite Treatment

Our Green Coffee Cellulite Treatment is perfect for guests wishing to improve skin texture and get rid of stubborn cellulite. You will immediately feel smoother, firmer skin and see cellulite melt away after our treatment. This treatment is also ideal for guests with poor circulation and water retention.

Lumafirm Body Firm and Glow Wrap

Our Lumafirm Body Firm and Glow Wrap leads the way in innovative, anti-aging treatments—you will see the clock reverse as aesthetic signs of aging are reduced. After your treatment, you will be left with firm, smooth skin thanks to the nutrients and hydration from this procedure. Because of this, your skin will shine brighter, giving a more youthful appearance.

Tropical De-Aging Crème Fraiche

For guests who want to combat premature aging and reverse the effects of sun damage, we offer our Tropical De-Aging Crème Fraiche treatment. Our tropical wrap is enriched with Crème Fraiche natural butter, along with calcium and other nutrients (such as polypeptides), and then doused with papaya and pineapple, for a truly wonderful sensory escape. After undergoing this treatment, you will not only feel refreshed, but you will also notice overall skin rejuvenation and smoothing.

Moor Mud Body Wrap

In our Moor Mud Body Wrap, we will apply a natural, vitamin-rich mud, full of minerals and enzymes, to your entire body. Through this, we alleviate sore muscles, aches, and pains by stimulating circulation. This treatment is perfect for guests trying to relieve stress, chronic pain, fatigue, rheumatism or arthritis pain, and/or sports injuries.

Luxurious Full Body Scrub

Our Luxurious Full Body Scrub will polish your skin to the max. After this gentle, deeply cleansing treatment, you will notice a radiant glow as we remove dead cells, eliminate superficial toxicity, sebum accumulation, and impurities.

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