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Skin Care and Mineral Make-Up

We hope that you are satisfied with our array of skin-care and cosmetic services that we offer in-house, but what happens when you return to your home? The need for skin care certainly does not take a break! Our roster of skin-care professionals is more than pleased to offer our guests a complete array of fully recommended skin-care and make-up products. At Advanced Body and Laser Center, we are committed to offering you customized guidance to satisfy what we believe is a major component in your acne prevention, anti-aging, and skin rejuvenation regimen.

Our top-of-the-line products are selected by our team of professionals to complement your skin, no matter your skin type. Let us help treat any condition or need with our line of dependable products and makeup.

Our line-up of companies is supported by professional research, and have our full endorsement. They include:

  • Obagi® Medical Professional Skin Care
  • SkinCeuticals® Skin Care
  • Dermalogica® Skin Care
  • STEMOLOGY ™ Stem Cell Skin Care
  • GloMinerals® Make-up
  • Jane Iredale® Make-up

Obagi® Medical Professional Skin Care, SkinCeuticals® Skin Care, and Dermalogica® Skin Care are all skin care conglomerates, specializing in a large variation of products designed to combat conditions such as aging, acne, dryness, and more. Thanks to extensive pharmaceutical research, they are guaranteed to deliver cutting-edge, positive results.

STEMOLOGY ™ Stem Cell Skin Care is the first and only brand to take advantage of the actionable features of both plant and human stem cell technologies to enhance the appearance of skin. We are pleased to recommend this company’s products, such that we also offer a specialized in-house Facial Rejuvenation Treatment. Whether applied by one of our facial specialists, or by yourself at home, STEMOLOGY ™ Stem Cell Skin Care boasts top-tier performance in the skin rejuvenation space.

GloMinerals® Make-up and Jane Iredale® Make-up are both dermatologically sound make-up companies. We love to offer these products as high-end alternatives to what most of the market consumes today. They both specialize in mineral makeup systems specifically formulated for sensitive skin. They offer an extensive spectrum of pigments, UV protection, and coverage that lasts.

We are proud to be authorized dealers of these top-of-line products, where you can confidently purchase these goods. Indeed, genuine goods of this quality are only available through medical spas and professionals like us. During your next visit, please take advantage of a free skin-care analysis or a free consultation with our make-up artist. They will offer you direction for the best treatment options or base color match that will help you achieve your skin-care goals.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I know what product/company to choose from?

Let our in-house skin care specialist or make-up artist assist you with a free analysis to determine what products or base color is the best choice for you!

Where can I purchase these products?

Our lineup of skin care products is available at our Visalia location.

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